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Blue Mandolin
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Blue Mandolin
©2015 Greg Lambert

There's frost on the window
Pizza on the floor
Dishes in the kitchen
From the week before

I got clothes in the dryer
But I can't pay the power bill
The guitar is in the pawn shop
My last six- pack just got killed


I've been playing sad songs
Ever since you left
I sold the old piano
I shot the banjo to death

I've been wailing in the dark
I can't believe the shape I'm in
With a faded red harmonica
And this blue mandolin

I got crumbs on the sofa
Ants in my pants
I know I should do something
About my circumstance

I'll just let 'em bite me
While I try to play
I don't even know the chords
And it don't matter anyway



I've been so high strung
How could I have been so dumb


Lyric Credits: Greg Lambert
Music Credits: Greg Lambert
Producer Credits: Railroad Trax Productions
Performance Credits: Phillip Moore / Railroad Trax
Label Credits: Sunday Best Records
Song Length: 3:45
Primary Genre: Country-Americana
Secondary Genre: Country-Contemporary
Tempo / Feel: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Similar Artist 1: John Prine
Similar Artist 2: Kris Kristofferson
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later