Greg Lambert
The Way Of Love (Redux)
No Fault Line (Male Vocal)
I Will Stand (Male Vocal)
Monkey See Monkey Do
I Will Stand
Forgotten Dreams (Instrumental)
Leave My Broken Heart Behind
I Really Hate Feeling This Way
Just Beyond My Heart
One Strong Wind
I Miss The Days (Lambert / Odella)
Prodigal Daughter
The No Fault Line (Lambert / Tucker)
Back To You (Acoustic Demo)
Back To You
Shut Yer Yap
Shut Yer Yap (Instrumental)
Chicken In A Biscuit
Chicken In A Biscuit (Instrumental)
1955 (Instrumental)
Just For Love
Prodigal Son (Instrumental)
Prodigal Son
The Beginning Of The End
El Gato
El Gato (Instrumental)
About You
Killing Time (Instrumental)
Killing Time
Sweet Janine
Rise Up
Once Upon A Time
Doing Business
No Doubt About It
Second To None
You And I
Tap City
Guitar Man
Boomerang (Instrumental)
Stay Tuned For More (Blues Version)
The Love I Want
Karaoke Cool
Back In The Day (GL Vox)
Born This Way
All That Love Could Ever Be
Blue Mandolin
When I Missed You
She Said Yes
Hiding In The Dark
True Love
Can We Love Again (Julia Schmidt Vocal)
Night Of Love (Orchestral Mix)
The Lonely (Julia Schmidt Vocal)
Every Time You're Near
Can We Love Again (w/ Donovan Tucker)
Lost Inside My Heart (Julia Schmidt Vocal)
Rock and Roll (Instrumental)
The Lonely
Rock and Roll
Look Out
Ride On (Instrumental)
Lost Inside My Heart
Boodon Stomp (Instrumental)
Down Home (Instrumental)
Snake Eyes
Stay Tuned For More
Snake Music (Instrumental)
When Love Prevails (Jay Speight Vocal)
Night Of Love (Julia Schmidt Vocal)
Time To Love
Farther On
The Rose
Ride On
Time Of Forgiveness
Cloudy Nights And Rainy Days
Give Me Back My Mojo
Rockin' Little Narcissist
The End Of The Day
Messin' With Me
Side Effects
Memories Of Her
New Year's Day
Bring It On
You're The Best Of Me
Boodon Stomp
It's A Lie
Down Home
My Name Is Boodon
Get The Hell Out Of My Song
I Fell In
The Land Of War And Peace
Back To Yesterday (Instrumental)
Boo Don Gee Gon (Instrumental)
Back To Yesterday
Boo Don Gee Gon
Epic Theme
Night of Love
Song of Peace